8 common cooking mistakes

8 common cooking mistakes
13 Mayıs 2022 - 19:21


8 common cooking mistakes that are made continuously while cooking

Even if you spend months or years studying culinary, you don’t need to take too much time developing your best cooking skills. There are scores of experienced and talented chefs out there who utilizing their expertise cook the most delicious meal at the restaurants for the people. And then there come normal people who continuously keep making mistakes while cooking and do not even realize it repeating it over and over again.

Talesation has shared some common mistakes made while cooking that people repeatedly make without even realizing. There is no doubt that if these mistakes can be overcome, one can a professional cooking master.

  1. Cooking vegetables for too long


Cooking vegetables for a long time over flame reduces all the beneficial nutrients from them and also makes them less tasty. However, another alternative to stewing and boiling is steaming vegetables. As per the famous dietician and chef Michelle Dudash, steaming vegetables are tasteful and healthier.


2. Overlooking salt in the yeast bread



The good and tasty pastry is due to the high-quality yeast in it. However, one can control yeast with salt. If you want the dough for any bakery item to rise rapidly, do not add salt to it. But at the same time, if you do not add salt to the dough, the bread will lose its volume ultimately.


3. No soaked potatoes



To make the potatoes more dietary and remove excess amount of starch, soak the potatoes well in the water. Moreover, the removed excess starch makes a sticky film on the surface. Putting potatoes in cold water for a long time will make the water dark at the bottom. However, you can keep changing the water from time to time to remove the starch.


4. Not boiling rice with green tea



Boiling white rice with green tea is a traditional meal for the Japanese. This meal is enriched with the healthy nutrients from the tea and the taste of the tea.


5. Peeling one garlic at a time only



Spending hours peeling garlic is the most common thing that is done by almost every second person cooking a meal. This might seem normal at first but it is not really a good thing. Rather than peeling one piece of garlic at a time, it is better to first cut it into half and smash it with a knife. However, to make it do more easily, remove the roots from the garlic first.


6. Not adding salt to the coffee



Adding some quantity of salt to the coffee is a widely-opted tradition followed in different countries. Adding salt not only gives a unique taste to the coffee but is also the best solution to get rid of bitter coffee.


7. Making French toast with fresh bread



Although fresh bread is very tasty and delicious it should not be used for making French toast. Rather than using fresh bread, use stale bread which will retain the shape of the bread and absorb more egg mixture. Or, you can also dry the fresh bread in the oven to make French toast.


8. Salting omelets



Adding salt to the egg before cooking is the most common mistake that everyone makes. Doing this destroys the structure of the egg and makes the mixture more watery. Gorden Ramsay suggests rather than adding salt at the start, it is better to add it at the end of cooking, this will make them tastier.

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8 common cooking mistakes
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